How to properly give credit when using a photo on facebook.     


1.  First log into your facebook page and then go to my photography page and make sure you have 'LIKED' it.

You will see the Like button circled below.   Click that and then...

You will have 'LIKED' the page!!!  YAH!

That is step one to tagging photos.  You will only have to do this one time from your personal page and any fan pages where you will post photos.  Repeat the above for each fan page you have.  Sign into your fan page and then repeat step 1.  


Now on to how to properly give credit on a photo you post.  This should be done even if there is a watermark on the photo.  

1.  Click on the photo you wish to give credit on.    Look for and click the Edit button.  (circled below in red)

2.  an edit your description box will pop up as show below.


3.  Type "Photo by Ashly Covington Photography"    it is very important to type the @    @ashly covington photography 


adding the @ before the name allows you to link it to a page that will pop up as you are typing the name.  

Select Ashly Covington Photography from the pop up list.


4.   The credit is now linked.   Click Done Editing if the entry looks like the one below.  

5.  All done and properly credited and tagged!!