Headshot Q&A Corner:


Can I bring a friend?
Sure! Just make sure they are someone you will laugh and have fun with.  Headshot sessions should be enjoyable and sometimes having a good friend with you to joke with sets a great mood.

What should I wear?
We will have access to many wonderful backdrops that any solid color top will have the perfect background. What color do you think looks the best on you? What color does your best friend think?  your mom?  ask around. Nice solid colors work the best. Patterns tend to distract and we want this picture to be about YOU!!  

Also, think about your look - do you get cast as the mom, college student, corporate mogul, hipster, the bookstore owner or the villain? Be specific and plan your outfits to match those characters. The more you bring, the better. Pack a suitcase. I'm not joking.

How many looks will I get?
In your time frame we will have plenty of time to shoot more looks than you will expect. (Remember, you are packing a suitcase!) My makeup artist will adjust your look for the outfit change (another reason I stress adding a makeup artist to your package.)

How does a session work?
I’ll be ready for your arrival 15 minutes before the scheduled time so feel free to come early  :) Once you get here we will take a look at your clothes and pull the best outfits. I shoot out of my studio in Studio City, CA and have both indoor and outdoor locations available.

I don’t know how to pose!!!
You don't have to! I know how to pose you! As the shoot starts you will forget that you have to pose because you don't. You just need to have fun. The most common thing that I hear during headshot sessions is "I've always hated having my headshot taken but this is fun!!!"

Do you offer makeup and hair?
Working with a professional makeup and hair stylist takes every shoot to the next level. You will feel pampered and you will look amazing. Professional makeup and hair stylists are there not only to make you look fabulous they will also save a shoot by catching those stray hairs or adding powder and changing looks throughout the shoot. I can refer you to several options in the range of

Men: $50-$100 Women: $150-$250


How do I see my photos afterwards?
Within 2 weeks I will post a private gallery on my website of the unretouched files and email you the link. I recommend sharing this link with friends and family but not your agents (yet!).  This is your opportunity to yah or nay the initial selects.  After you have created a favorites gallery of the best 25-50, I will do minor edits (contrast/saturation/color balance) if needed and upload those selects into a new album.  This is the one to share with your industry friends and agents.  Get their opinions on what they think will be the most marketable for them.  I’ve found agents and casting directors always have different opinions and sometimes it is a great idea to have a few different looks on hand.  

Once we have the images from your package selected, I will hand retouch them and provide you with a private gallery where you will be able to download the images. You will receive high resolution images along with watermarked social media sized files. The selected photos will be edited and then you will be provided with a link where you can download the images right to your computer and email them to your agent or printing company. I highly recommend reproductions (I’ve found they have the fastest turnaround time!)   If you would like to have more images than your package includes (most people do because they love their images), you can order as many as you like for $50 per high res/retouched image.  


What if I have to cancel?
A deposit of 50% is required to confirm your session. The deposit is non-refundable, however if an audition or a job comes up, we will just re-schedule your session to the next available day. I want you to work! That is the goal of taking your headshot in the first place!!  (lets put that into the Universe for you) WHEN a job comes up!, we will just re-schedule your session to the next available day.

What is that I heard about a free shoot?
You heard right! I love my CHAMPIONS and I want to give back to those that share their experience with their friends. With every referral, you will earn a $50 credit towards additional high res images or you can save the credits towards future shoots. 7 referrals and we get to create together again.


How do I book and what are your packages?
I offer four packages for headshots so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. Both sessions include unlimited looks and the online proofing galleries. You can view the specifics and book via this site



Looking forward to meeting with you. I'd love to invite you to email to set up a time to chat about how we can best create a headshot that books for you.