Rosabella Gregory was a very unexpected treat! I arrived at The Bitter End a mere 10 mins before Bobby Harden and his band of players were scheduled to take the stage. I had never seen Bobby Harden perform so was unsure of the set up but generally confused when an english accented gal sat down behind the piano and started playing. After the first few notes, I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to hear more. Her style was ferocious and vulnerable and melodic and a little chaotic – I felt like I was experiencing what it must have been like to see Tori Amos perform in her early days. Incredible vocals and beautiful arrangements – this was the type of show I love being surprised with. For the end part of her set she brought up Nikolas Metaxas with whom she had just recorded a track with. His intensity on the guitar matched hers on the piano and their voices just melted together. This is why I love going to see music in nYc, I never know what else I’m going to experience.
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