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My adventure with the fantastic Empire Circus playing a beautifully random club outside of Dublin started at The Dart station in Howthe. Dang machine would take my credit card or money and it was past the hours when an attendant was going to be there. I was just contemplating how I was going to jump over the fence to get to the platform when Ian McSweeney, savior of the day, came strolling up and took over for the confused American. He got me sorted and connected farther down the line, making sure that I was able to find Neil and Alan to begin the next part of the adventure. Cheers Ian!
I was mad for this little venue in Leixlip. Carpet, mirrors and interesting iron work were everywhere. GREAT. I knew I would be loving seeing through my camera here. No boring black stageback or just empty space. This place was cool. & I won David’s guitar. he still has not given it to me but I won it fair and square. He said I would be unable to take a ‘cool’ photo in that venue. HA! More like how can I not take a ‘cool’ photo in that venue. I won MY guitar fair and square with the first photo that I made. See ya in August David, take care of my guitar till then, k?