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Danny P. at Cary St. I love that Cary St. still feels exactly the same as it did 10 years ago. I love everything about Cary St. Café except that the “Pee for Slicky, Pee” graffiti seems to be gone, or perhaps I was just in the wrong bathroom stall. Cary St. Café is warm and comfortable, great food and staff. It was the regular spot for Wed nights back in the days of Gray-V and it still embodies the same feel, just better. Danny P. always brings a lotta good tunes and even more smiles when he takes the stage. His original works are ridiculously awesome and he covers the two greatest bands in the world – Ween & BooB. Danny made the crowd (cuz dang, another thing about RVA – the people come out to shows! Place was packed even though the city was semi shut down due to the weather) howl with laughter and get their boogie started.