It’s a rock show, it’s a light show, it’s an acrobatic extravaganza!! so announced B.A. Miale in her invitation to the first installation of her monthly circadelic rock ‘n roll picture show, aptly titled the Babetarium (babe-a-tarium). Because, as she says, ‘what better way to enjoy your rock n’ roll then with gorgeous people hanging from the rafters?”

B.A.’s handpicked line up included the psych-funk rock of LITTLE SHALIMAR,DISCOVERY‘s garagey disco-prog, the explosive drum and trapeze due LONE WOLF & CUB and aerial mastermind T-POW! (owner of big sky works!) along with a last minute cameo appearance by the inimitable VIC THRILL & T-POW!
Gigantic projectile light show for the evening was supplied by B.A. Miale
I knew from reading the invite to this rock light party that it was going to be incredible. I’ve been seeing Vic Thrill for years and was very excited for the rare performance. I remember during the blackout of ? when was the blackout? 200andum? when I stumbled upon Vic set up outside of that frog(ish)ly named bar next to 2Skinnee headquarter in willyb.. no blackout can keep him from rocking. With a mini generator he filled the eerily quiet and dark streets with music while ice cream and beer was passed around before it melted or went bad.
Friday night was my introduction to Lone Wolf & Cub, Discovery & Little Shalimar and with BA’s beautiful backdrops I was mesmerized. Big Sky Works was home to a pulsating, steamily decicious experience. and if this is going to be a monthly thing, that is a very very good thing.
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