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Nate Griffith invited me to join him at the new Sound of Music space to check out the session with Jordan Tarrant. Sound of Music just moved to a new space over on Broad Street and boyah it is awesome. Huge, eclectic rooms filled with music making machines. I love it. It feels like a place where amazing things can happen and amazing things were happening. I love studio sessions. Watching people create and make magic moments together is really special. I had the treat of listening to 3 of the tracks later and hell yes, it is awesome. I pulled out the t/s lens to play a bit more and am in love with how you can truly pinpoint the focus. SOM was a pretty fantastic environment to play a little with this lens, the levels and wall papers, and lights and drum room create a wonderful space. Oh! & the bathroom! So awesome. I didn’t get a shot of the bathroom but will the next time I visit. Kudo’s to the creating team on that space. Looking forward to seeing how it grows.