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This past monday night to the wee hours of Tuesday morning were epic. I had the honor of being part of an incredible team of people who were all committed to making awesome happen. And it was fucking awesome. I was asked to be the behind the scenes still photographer for a TV pilot directed by Jason DeSimone and hosted by Matt Pinfield and featuring the NJ Punk-Rock band, The Bouncing Souls. This was like the culmination of everything I love about life.
Music. Photography. Old Theatres. Cool People. Sets. Details. Love it. LOVE IT!
I love all the details that go into making something happen. Especially on TV or movie sets. I remember being on sets as a kid and being fascinated by what everyone did. So many people with very specific, detail oriented jobs that each have to happen in order for the whole production to happen. It is captivating to me, always has been.
Since the series is musically based the production team wanted a photographer that could slide between performance shots, portrait work, and detail shots to save the story of the whole experience with images. I was tickled pink that they considered me and absolutely rosy that they asked me to join their team. It was awesome. One of the best times I’ve had behind a camera and it doesn’t hurt that I’m a long time souls fan and that the souls were totally cool and into climbing around the theatres grid and braving burnt out bathrooms for some epic shots. HUGE SHOUT OUT TO JASON DERMER for making that a truly back/over/under stage tour.
Matt Pinfield also told me that I’m cool. Then he saw my business card and said “Holy Shit. You are even cooler than I thought.” To this 90’s MTV kid that is like one of the highest compliments that I never thought I would get in life. Best. Night. Ever.
Here is a statement released by the production crew about the project:
“The Venue was the iconic Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, NJ. Once serving as home for East Coast premieres of studio films in the 30’s, the theater is now used mostly for concerts and stage performances. The show travels to different American cities and tells their story through their local music scene. Matt speaks to those involved and gets the real story, from music historian to venue owners. The episode closes out with an interview and song performance by a band with a “local connection.”
The set created on stage was designed by Alison Hepler and adorned with antiques from the private collection of Ken Jakupko, of Ken’s Antiques in Asbury Park. The set was inspired by the Souls connection to the city of Asbury Park and it’s famed boardwalk. Before playing, the band sat down with Matt to discuss the decision to move their label to Asbury Park, the annual “Home for the Holidays” concert series at the Stone Pony, and their experience being a truly independent rock band. The acoustic set was filled with songs from across the bands 20+ year career including, Ghost’s on the Boardwalk, Quick Check Girl, and of course, Moon Over Asbury. It’s safe to say the crew’s many die hard Soul’s fans got a treat that night.
Big thanks to the city of Asbury Park, Tom Gilmore, Madison Marquette, Bridgit Media, Red Wheelbarrow Productions and The Bouncing Souls for an unforgettable evening”