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At some point back in 2010, my friend, Chris “Tomato” Harfenist invited me to come check out a show at Brooklyn Bowl for a rock school he started. I love Brooklyn Bowl and I adore Tomato so I said ‘Hell Yeah!’ He is one of my favorite drummers to create photos of as he is just ferocious on stage. Check him out with Sound of Urchin on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

I grabbed my gear and headed over to The Bowl and was immediately hooked. These kids… I mean they are kids..they are under 18. But damn, they are more professional than a lot of adult musicians I know. Song changes which also involved a lot of switching of instruments and people were so fluid, I hardly noticed the process… One can totally see the values Tomato is instilling in these kids, helping each other between change-outs, and supporting both the high and low end of the stage. THOR teaches them what it is really like out there as a real musician.

…..and then they start to play…. They bring the love they have for the music to the stage and they own it. They rock it all, from Zappa to Slayer to Phish to The Allman Brothers. Each of the 20+ shows I’ve witnessed has been my favorite. I always wonder how they will top it the next time and then they do. Tomato, Stephanie & Natayla and all the amazing artist who support these incredible kids are shaping the foundation of a new wave of talented rockers. Kudos to y’all!! I’m so proud to be able to document these amazing moments.
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