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A couple of weeks ago I got to see Very Very which is a brand new Shakespearean Rock Show created by Jay Leibowitz, Zac Lasher, and Jason King Jones during the final dress rehearsal at The Gibson – Baldwin Showroom. I found myself laughing and being pulled into the story that was told with rocking songs while I set out to capture that magic that is live performance. Big thanks to Jay & Zac & Vin & Dan (CB Peeps RULE!) for having me out for the fun. Also…Gibson Showroom – WOW! That place is AWESOME. The studios are gorgeous and to think of all the incredible talents that pass through those hallways and all the memories from the days of The Hit Factory. Good vibe in a space.

from the press release
“Brooklyn artists Jay Leibowitz (STNJ, TAC, Shakespeare’s Who’s on First), and Zac Lasher (U-Melt, Brooklyn Sound Lab, Bebe Buell Band), will take the stage with their company of 18 professional performers and musicians in two live concert readings of VERY VERY – an exciting new vision of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, re-imagined as a contemporary rock concert, on March 4, 2013. The show, which will get its world premiere in NYC later in 2013, will be presented at TheGibson-Baldwin Showroom and is sponsored by Gibson NYC. Jason King Jones (Olney Theatre, STNJ, TAC), will stage the exclusive event.
Created by Lasher, Leibowitz, and Jones, VERY VERY features 28 original songs adapted from Shakespeare’s text in this sexy reinvention of a classic comedy of rebellion, love, freedom, and redemption.”